Dekanozow - próba ratowania sojuszu Stalina z Hitlerem

25 wrz. 2009


The author of the article tries to explain the circumstances of a sudden nomination of Wladimir Dekanozow, an NKWD officer and diplomat to a post of a Soviet ambassador in the Nazi Berlin in November 1940. The analysis of the archive diplomatic material and data including the letters of the German ambassador in Moscow to the Berlin headquarters of Auswaertiges Amt together with the biography of Dekanozow and his previous 'activity' uncontrovertibly prove that Stalin's choice was not accidental. After the visit of Molotov in Berlin Stalin wanted to sustain good relations between Moscow and Berlin and that is why he placed in the Reich one of his most reliable and confidential men. Yet Hitler who had already decided by then to crash the Soviet Russia in the Blitzkrieg was no longer interested in the development of the relations with the Soviet Union that were the hope of Stalin and his confidential man in Berlin - Dekanozow.